Utility Locates

Utility Locates & Concrete Scanning

Utility Locates

Utility location is the procedure of discovering, marking and labeling utilities that are located underground. We can find many different items underground which may include hydro lines, natural gas, cables, stop lights, street lights, water mains, and many more.

Attention Homeowners: if you are submitting a locate request for work you have hired a contractor to complete, for liability reasons we recommend that the party responsible for the excavation obtains the locate in their name. Also making a request through Ontario One-Call does not ensure you have located all utilities that may be on your property. You should also obtain private locates.


Did you know it is your responsibility to call underground locate before digging? It is against the law to dig with out being approved, call before you dig.

USL-1 cares about your health and safety and will help you and your team obey the law and minimize your risk of damaging utility lines. and other important infrastructure.

Our Services:

  • Privately Utility Locates
  • Public Utility Co-ordination
  • Damage Prevention Consulting
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (UST detection)
  • Sewer Tracing and Camera
  • Fault Detecting
  • ASBUILT Verification