Services Utility Locates

Services Offered:

  • Private utility locates
  • Public utility co-ordination
  • Damage Prevention Consulting
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (UST detection)
  • Sewer tracing and Camera
  • Fault Detection
  • ASBUILT verification


When a full locate package is requested you should receive the following

from USL-1 once the job is complete:

  • An Overview sketch of the work zone
  • A summary sheet outlining the public utilities located, with a description of their location
  • All of the supporting documentation from the public utilities

Services Concrete Scanning


Slab, suspended, on grade, on pan, wall, ceiling and beams.



Rebar, post tension cables, conduits and voids.



For core drilling, saw cutting, trenching, voids, anchoring and concrete testing.



We employ the latest technology including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Radio Detection.


GPR is imaging equipment that visually see changes in materials.


Radio Detection receivers and transmitters are used to trace out embedded conduits by inducing a signal onto a conductive line and locating it with the receiver.

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